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Fitness Dynamo Katina Brock: Nothing watered-down about this girl!


katina brock motility training


Katina Brock is a great addition to the Motility Training Advisory Board and does a fantastic job of representing strong women in fitness.  A trainer at The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, she also teaches yoga, pilates, TRX and water classes in and around Los Angeles.  Katina's background in dance and gymnastics contribute to her elegant form, but don't be fooled - this girl is a results-driven dynamo and an amazing instructor.   She was a recent presenter at IAFC (International Aquatic Fitness Conference) and is passionate about the benefits of water exercise for fitness enthusiasts of all ages. In today's blog she takes on a few common misconceptions about water classes and fills us in on some wild new fitness trends in the pool.  



Don’t Miss the Boat: Take it to the Water!

Ever wondered if you could get a good workout in the water? Something beyond the repetition of swimming laps but not quite a senior’s water aerobics class either? Well, you’re in luck. There have never been more aquatic fitness options than there are today - and the list just keeps growing!

What would you like to try? How about aquatic kickboxing? They’ve got it. Indoor cycling? It’s out there. What about HIIT (high intensity interval training)? Yep, that exists as well and it's known as aqua Tabata. So you say you’d like a barre class or even a bootcamp?  No problem, they’re out there too.There is so much variety now in the realm of water fitness that if you can dream it, it probably already exists. Yes, you vixens, even an aqua pole class!

And why not? With diminished impact on your joints and 360 degrees of resistance it’s the ideal way to cross-train from your high impact/hard-hitting land workouts and still get a great cardio and strength session. The key is learning how to push through the water and not just float your way through it. So get in try some plyometric squats, round house kicks and speed bag punches. And for a neck pain-free strong core exercise, do crunches with your toes poking out of the water! If you can’t stay afloat, use a noodle for support behind your back.  

Dive into acquatic fitness - cross-train near the drain! 

- Katina

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