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Belly Up to the Wet Barre for a Great Water Workout
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Belly Up to the Wet Barre for a Great Water Workout


underwater exercise, aqua workout


You don’t have to be a prima ballerina to know that barre classes are a red-hot fitness trend right now! These easy-on-the-joints, low-impact workouts consistently delivers a muscle burn that’s anything but girlie. Barre is a blend of ballet, Pilates, yoga, bodyweight exercises and traditional calisthenics with varying degrees of cardio.  The benefits come from the combined challenge of highly controlled movements and lots (and lots) of reps - you’re guaranteed to get a solid workout packed with core and lower body focus. 

With summer upon us and the blazing sun beating down, why go sweat it out in a studio when you can get the same great results in the pool? For years I’ve taught aquatic fitness classes in the pool and yoga, Pilates and barre on land and I thought – why not combine them all?  So I did just that, with a workout called Wet Barre.  Trust me, you’ll be way ahead of the curve with Wet Barre, because I specifically designed it to pair the benefits of barre with the built-in resistance of the water.  Did you know water resistance is 12x that of air?  Yes, indeed.  So an added benefit of the water is that there is virtually no need for resistance equipment (although using aqua gloves is an easy way to increase intensity should you want the added challenge).

For a full body blast while at the pool, I’ve put together a little sampler of some of my favorite Wet Barre moves for you to try.  Are you ready to get off that lounge chair and take the plunge?

For safely and best results, the following exercises should be done in chest high water:

(Water jog or swim for 5 minutes to warm up)

Wide Squat Jumps

From a wide stance, jump up as high as you can while drawing your legs together as you are off the ground. As you come back down, separate legs and land wide, knees bent.

Repeat 15x.

Standing Chest Fly

Stand in a lunge; bend knees so shoulders are covered. Extend arms in front, palms facing in. Open arms forcefully from the shoulder. Keep elbows slightly curved. Forcefully pull arms back together. Don’t rock or sway torso while doing.

Repeat 10x.

(Repeat Wide Squat Jumps - 15x – like I said, LOTS of reps!)

Standing Glute Lift

Stand on one leg, other leg extended back behind with toe on floor, knee straight. Lift back leg 5” from the floor – be sure to keep knee straight to avoid leaning forward.

Repeat 10x each leg.

(Wide Squat Jumps - 15x)

Standing Superman

Stand on one leg with the other leg extended in front of you parallel to floor. As you begin to lean forward, sweep the front leg down and up to the back, and stretch arms straight out in front of you in water. Pull arms down as you are returning to start position. Keep swinging leg straight and engage your core.

Repeat 10x each leg.

(Wide Squat Jumps - 15x – ONE LAST TIME)

Attitude Kick

Stand on L leg, bend R knee and lift leg directly out to side (think fire hydrant) foot is pointing behind you. Straighten lower R leg out to side while keeping thigh still. Repeat kicks quickly.

Repeat 10x each side. 


Stay active in the pool this summer and challenge yourself year-round with fun, new fitness trends like the Wet Barre workout! 

katina brock, wet barre, biggest loser resort    Go ahead - take the plunge!… xo, Katina 


I LOVE this! Going to try this tonight. Thanks. You rock!
Posted @ Tuesday, June 18, 2013 2:02 PM by Kai
Fantastic ideas! I am a Aquatic Fitness Coordinator at my work and I was just starting to look into Barre Blend for the pool here. I feel like it would benefit a lot of the people I work with for both balance and strength! Thank you for the ideas. :)
Posted @ Friday, May 23, 2014 9:17 AM by Missy
My wife and I have been doing barre work in the pool for two summers now. We're both in our 60's. She took ballet as a young girl, and we've incorporated some of those moves in our water workout. The biggest benefit is probably muscular feet and legs. Front, side and back kicks (leg swings) 30 each. Then hold leg at highest swing position and make circles (30 each both ways in each position). Takes about 25 minutes. Start with 15 reps and work up to 30.
Posted @ Tuesday, September 23, 2014 2:58 PM by Greg Rowley
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